About Us

Bobcat Build is service-based student organization that works towards bridging the gap between the Texas State community and our San Marcos neighbors through community service. In 2003, Bobcat Build created the first-ever BIG Event as a way to say “Thank You” to our surrounding community. Each spring since then, hundreds of Bobcat students, staff, and faculty have come together in service to show their appreciation to the community as well as create positive impact for the betterment of our community.


Bobcat Build strives to create and maintain a Texas State tradition of pride and unity through a day of various service-oriented activities that builds awareness, tradition, and community.


The vision for our student organization consists of two parts - programming and impact. The Bobcat Build student organization envisions our BIG Event as an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to focus on the needs of the communities surrounding Texas State. Through campus collaboration and an open line of communication, Bobcat Build will bridge the gap between the Texas State community and the citizens of San Marcos.

In addition, to continue our vision for community enrichment, our goal is to also serve as the institution's premier service-based organization. Service does not stop after our event. We want to provide opportunities for students to volunteer continuously.


Chartered by the department of Student Involvement and Engagement, our BIG Event is planned and executed each year through our Bobcat Build chartered student organization. This student organization is comprised of 8 student officers and approximately 30 student committee members. Throughout the year, our team dedicates a year of teambuilding and preparation for our BIG Event as well as provide opportunities for continued service.

Student co-directors on stage in front of podium
2023-2024 Bobcat Build executive board
Student pulling brush into wheelbarrow
Students with trash bags full of brush
Volunteer cleaning window
Students taking picture during volunteering
Committee members at the tool shed doing inventory