Jobsites consist of community partners, both residential and non-residential, within or around the Hays County area. Information about being a jobsite and things to know can be found below.

Volunteers completing service at jobsite during Bobcat Build

The Work We Do

Prior to the Day Of, our Bobcat Build will do in-person visits with those who completed the registration form to go over all of your needs, volunteer numbers, tools needed, and an overall assessment of what we can and cannot do. Note: we will have two options for days and times that you would like us to complete this evaluation. You can select which option works best for you in the jobsite registration form.

On the Day Of, a group of volunteers will spend approximately four hours at their assigned jobsite to complete the services requested. We are prepared to agree to any COVID precautions (i.e., masks) made by the jobsite and are more than happy to comply!

Many jobsites normally request (but are not limited to) beautification projects such as raking leaves, weeding, planting flowers, mulching, painting, window washing, general spring cleaning, and other projects. If you have any questions about this list or what else could be provided, please feel free to contact us at or 512-245-4245.

In addition, one of our goals this year is to provide services to more nonprofit agencies in ways that impact our community. Examples can include serving at a food pantry, animal shelters, women’s shelters, and other organizations. If you are a nonprofit organization and have volunteer opportunities we could assist with, please contact us at the information provided above!

Volunteer at 20th Annual Day of Service

Who do we serve?

We serve residents, churches, non-profit organizations, schools within Hays County regardless of socioeconomic level! However, we unfortunately do not serve HOAs.

Why do we serve?

Thousand of volunteers within our Texas State community look forward to this day every year as it gives us the ability to give back and express our gratitude to the community that supports Texas State University. As you support Texas State University, we want to make sure the support is reciprocated.

It is important to remember that our Day of Service event is not about the number of jobs completed or reaching record-breaking numbers; it is the relationship we create between students and community members that makes our event so unique and impactful.

Requirements for jobsites:

  • If you are a resident, we do not serve those who are actively pursuing a degree at Texas State University.
  • All jobsites - residential or non-residential - must be within 20 miles of Texas State University.
  • Must agree to the terms of the jobsite evaluation form and risk assessment.
  • Running water, first aid kit, parking, and a restroom must be available for volunteers. Food is not required, but always appreciated by volunteers.
  • Contact person must be present the day of Bobcat Build's Day of Service.

Important Information:

  • Bobcat Build only provides the labor and tools (shovels, trays, brushes, etc.). Jobsites must provide mulch, gravel, and paint if services are requested.
  • Two postponement dates are reserved in case of inclement weather on the originally scheduled day of service. In the event our Day of Service must be postponed, we will contact you.
  • Bobcat Build is NOT responsible for the disposal of any waste or trash.
  • There cannot be any dead or alive animals near where the volunteers are working at residential sites.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from completing projects inside residential homes.
  • Bobcat Build will run background checks on the address and recipient listed.

For liability purposes, our volunteers are not allowed to use any power tools.