Bobcat Build

About Bobcat Build

Bobcat Build was started in 2003 as a way to say “Thank You” to the San Marcos community.  It has now turned into a Texas State University tradition and serves as the largest service project on campus. Every spring semester, students volunteer their time to complete various service projects throughout the community such as landscaping, painting, or clean-ups at residents’ homes, local schools, parks, churches, and neighborhoods. The name itself symbolizes our goal of strengthening the bond between Texas State University and the community of San Marcos.

4,000+ Volunteers

Bobcat Build started with approximately 700 students, faculty and staff volunteers. In 2015, we reached record-breaking participation with nearly 4,500.

300+ Service Sites

Over the past 20 years, Bobcat Build has grown from serving 50 residential and community sites to hitting over 300 service sites served in 2018.

#1 service project for Texas State University

Bobcat Build is one of the largest, one-day community service projects in the state of Texas.

Behind the Build


Bobcat Build is not possible without contributions from our supporters. You can support Bobcat Build by donating or becoming an event sponsor. Our sponsors support through monetary and/or material donations.
Bobcat Build sponsors handing out promo items to volunteers.
Bobcat Build student leaders at their End of Year Banquet.



Bobcat Build is made possible by a student organization of the same name that dedicates a year of planning for this one big day of service. This student organization is made up of around 40 student members who plan and execute the event.


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