Why volunteer with Bobcat Build?

Give thanks and show appreciation to the San Marcos community for supporting Texas State University.

Meet new people and build relationships with other volunteers and community members.

Become a part of Texas State University's largest tradition!

Receive a FREE Bobcat Build shirt at the Kick-Off Event!

Volunteer Expectations

  • Appropriate footwear (close-toe boots/sneakers) is required for your safety. No flipflops, Sperry's, Tom's or other casual shoes.
  • Jeans and long-sleeve shirts are highly recommended! Working outside can really scrape up your arms and legs.
  • Wear old clothes and shoes.
  • Bobcat Build serves everyone and anyone in the San Marcos community. We do our best to reach out to everyone. Our evaluation process is not based on economic status, but on our ability to complete the tasks requested.
  • Your group’s Jobsite Leader is responsible for making sure you know these expectations AND show up! Please keep in contact with the event staff if your group will not be able to attend Bobcat Build.
  • Jobs can range from weeding a community garden to washing windows to painting a house to removing debris from a vacant lot. Be prepared to work hard!
  • Stay until the job is complete. If you don't feel you'll be finished within a reasonable time, call Event Staff and more help will be sent. You have a maximum of four hours.
  • To avoid confusion, remain with the group you signed up with. No changing or switching Jobsites.
  • Be prepared to assist at another Jobsite if your site takes less than 4 hours.
Volunteer picking up leaves

Volunteer picking up leaves during Bobcat Build

Volunteer Registration is closed

Volunteer Registration is now closed. If you registered as a volunteer group, the individual designated as the jobsite leader (JSL) has been added to our Canvas site to complete required training. We will be communicating all details about Bobcat Build through your JSL so be sure to be in contact with them. If you encounter any troubles, you can reach out to us at (512) 245-3219 and/or bobcatbuild@txstate.edu.