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From the beginning of the Fall semester up until the big day in April, this student organization is dedicated to planning Bobcat Build through a variety of events such as weekly Committee Member meetings, canvasing local neighborhoods to inform residents, tabling on campus to recruit volunteers, inventorying Bobcat Build's tools, and much more!

Student organization group photo at their End of Year Banquet
Committee Members taking the True Colors inventory during Committee Retreat.
Bobcat Build student organization at their Winter Social in December.
Student organization members taking a group photo at their dodgeball intramural game.
Student organization members inventorying all the tools to prepare for the upcoming Bobcat Build.
Student officer posing with radio in preparation for the day of Bobcat Build.
A photo of the layout of the Bobcat Build event the morning of the 19th Annual.
Student Officers celebrating an award win at Boko Awards.
Student directors addressing the volunteers at Bobcat Build's Kick-Off.

Not only is being a part of this student organization an opportunity to host Texas State University's largest tradition, it also offers interpersonal growth, leadership development, and a support system on campus with all your new Bobcat Build friends! Students who join Bobcat Build can expect to attend Committee Retreat to enhance their teambuilding skills, various yearly socials to bond with each other, compete in intramurals with Bobcat Build, and participate in Fall Service Project which is a mini community service day in the Fall just for members of Bobcat Build.

Any current Texas State student can apply to join Bobcat Build. Committee Member applications are currently closed, they will become available again at the beginning of each Fall semester.


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